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35 Things at 35

Im back!

Hey Tribe, I’m back from a little hiatus; coincidently its on my Birthday. Im turning 25… +10.
So, to celebrate i thought id share some of my favourite things, thoughts & quotes. Hopefully you enjoy some of them too!

Here we go;

35 Things At 35

  1. Life is suffering. Sounds morbid. Is reality… & freeing. Rather that trying to avoid suffering, focus your attention on what you’re willing to suffer for.

  2. The journey is actually usually better than the destination. Unless you’re flying to Bali. Then the destination is better than the journey. But, here’s what i mean; Before you glamourise the end goal. Make sure you’re willing to put in the work required to get there. Enjoy the process along the way.

  3. Motivation & will-power is great. They’re feelings though. Feelings come and go. Discipline, Habits & behaviours are long lasting.

  4. Play better games, win better prizes. If you want a significant change in your results, then you likely need a significant change to your strategy. Working harder on your current strategy may not be the answer

  5. Relationships are everything.

  6. “If you’re not inspired by the people in your circle, you don’t have a circle, you have a cage” - Nipsey Hussle

  7. Be really patient, but also move fast. Gary Vee calls it Macro Patience, Micro speed.

  8. When you’re alone, mind your thoughts. When you’re with friends, mind your tongue. When you’re with a group, mind you behaviour. When you’re troubled, mind your emotions. When you achieve success, mind your ego.

  9. Your words quite literally create your world.

  10. Your energy flows where your attention goes. Where your attention goes, your results show.

  11. Growth is uncomfortable. Consider seeking discomfort daily.

  12. Everyone you meet is struggling with their own problems. Consider this next time you’re triggered by their negative behaviour. If we all threw our problems into a pile, most of us would be very quick to take our own back.

  13. Do more fun shit. That goes for your training too. if you don’t enjoy something. It’s not sustainable. Don’t do it.

  14. Having zero expectation of others in any circumstance is a game changer to your happiness

  15. To be great at something, chances are you need to be obsessed. That’s ok.

  16. It’s a trap to say “i’ll be happy when”

  17. Health is your regular habits

  18. Abs do not equal health

  19. Fitness does not equal health

  20. Theres nothing wrong with indulging in delicious, high calorie meals. There might be in too many of them though

  21. 90% of ‘diets’ focus on 90% of the same things

  22. Optimal isn’t optimal if optimal isn’t practical

  23. Quality sleep is an amazing solution to A LOT of your problems

  24. Heavy is the head that bears the crown. More simply; There’s cost to achieving things worth while. Make sure you’re willing to pay the cost to carry the accomplishment.

  25. Would would of had to have happened in your life for you to look back in 50 years time and consider it a legitimate success? Actually, forget 50 years… Start with 2 weeks.

  26. Every decision you make is a vote toward the person you want to become. Don’t practice what you don’t want to become.

  27. What do you want to want?

  28. Don’t aim for balance. Balance suggests everything is even. Thats unrealistic. Aim for Harmony. Harmony suggests that everything is working well together in the moment

  29. Be a warrior in a garden instead of a gardener in a war

  30. We build beliefs based on evidence Set small goals > Achieve > Celebrate > Build evidence

  31. Action alleviates anxiety

  32. Aim to be anti-fragile

  33. Everything in life is how you see it

  34. If you’re struggling to make a decision, ask yourself; “Will this move me closer or further from my goal”

  35. Theres no positive without negative Theres no support without challenge Theres no praise without criticism Theres no courage without fear Theres no happiness without sadness Theres no smooth without rough

BONUS; Life Hack.

If you can’t be trusted to stay up late watching Netflix; plug your modem/NBN/Internet connection thingy into a timer at your powerpoint and set it for the time you want to go to bed….

That way it shuts your internet off automatically. Don’t stress, you can program it to come back on so when you wake up you’re back in business again.

I mean, sure it can be bypassed; buttt by the time you’re up off the couch and all; you may as well must go to bed, right!

- Coach Ben. @ben__coulter

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