Coffee. Black Gold.



I may be biased here because I love coffee.

The aroma

The process

The experience

The taste

The feeling

The energy

I could go on...

Anyway, is it good or bad.

In my opinion, it would seem the poison is in the dose...

Around 10g of caffeine is likely to be lethal to most humans.. so at that amount.. I’d say not so good.

(Oh, some serious negative health consequences occur well before that, just in case you’ve done the math and decided to push the friendship because you’re no where near that)

But you know, apparently you can drown yourself by drinking too much water soooooo.

There are numerous studies and proven health benefits to coffee including;

  • Improved physical performance

  • Delayed fatigue

  • Improved cognitive performance

  • Increased longevity

  • Increased levels of dopamine

  • Quality essential nutrients

  • Potentially reduced risk of diabetes

  • Potentially reduced risk of alzheimers

  • Potentially reduced risk of death from heart disease and an array of other ailments.

And the list goes on.

So, things are looking good!

Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that whilst we are talking about Coffee so far; most of the potential negative health consequences, as well as some of the benefits come from the caffeine content within the coffee.

It’s also worth mentioning that caffeine is found in many other beverages including often significant amounts in the energy drinks & pre-workouts many consume.

Back to this ‘good or bad’ business…

Whilst there are many benefits to coffee (yes, caffeine too) there are some times that it’s likely wise to steer clear.


  • If/when you’re stressed & anxious.

  • Close to bedtime.
Caffeine has a half life of around 6 hours (person dependant)... that means 6 hours after you co